Olaplex To The Rescue

As we discussed in a previous post, achieving certain levels of blonde or lightness can be an extremely long road, with many shades and tones along the way. Patience is needed and the process must be trusted or else the risk of breakage, burning and melting of the hair is evident.
Olaplex, the unicorn of hair treatments, can safely speed things up, restore already damaged hair, prevent damage from occurring..all while adding strength and shine! Olaplex is a 3 step treatment; 2 of which happen in the salon, and 1 at home for maintenance.
1. Your stylist adds olaplex to your lightener or hair color.
2. After your color service is complete, the treatment is applied and left on for 10 minutes.
3. At home treatments for maximum results.
If you are considering a color change, have been feeling the effects of this long, drying winter, have damage from past color services, or are just looking to enhance the health of your hair, you will fall in love with olaplex! Don’t forget to ask your stylist at your next service. Here’s to happy hair!

Year long blonding process by stylist Kaitlyn Beck

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