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Massage Therapist Tuesday-Thursday: 10am-7pm, Friday: 10am-6pm, and Saturday: 9am-3pm 518-458-8788 strutspalontique@hotmail.com

Massage Therapist

Loretta became a licensed massage therapist after graduating from The Center of Natural Wellness in November of 2011.  She creates a warm, nurturing environment for her clients to escape traditional stress causing muscle tension and pain, as well as injury related complications leading to limited range of motion.  Each session is specifically tailored to create optimum results for her clients needs.  Modalities offered by Loretta include Swedish, therapeutic, deep tissue, sports and prenatal.  During training, Loretta’s focus pathology was in migraine disease.  She spent 60 hours in advanced study learning migraine treatment which entails educating her clients to identify their triggers and a customized plan to alleviate and control migraines with complementary therapies to clients not seeking medication or treatment.  Loretta plans to continue her education in head, neck, and shoulder massage for conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression.


  • Sage and Citrus Hot Stone Therapy
  • Arnica Cleansing Detox Therapy
  • Migraine/Headache Therapy
  • Custom Therapeutic Therapy
  • Pregnancy Massage
Note: I am available Tuesday-Thursday: 10am-7pm, Friday: 10am-6pm, and Saturday: 9am-3pm.

Massage Services and Cost

  • Sage and Citrus Hot Stone Therapy ~ Radiant heat from basalt stones are utilized penetrating deep into knots for stimulating release of tension. Your relaxation is enhanced with aromatic oils of sage and citrus. 75 min ~ $125
  • Arnica Cleansing Detox Therapy ~ Arnica is infused with the stimulating oils of rosemary and citrus. Invigorating strokes are used to enhance circulation to eliminate toxins and decrease muscle fatigue and tension. 75 minutes ~ $125
  • Migraine/Headache Therapy ~ This massage targets the deep postural muscles and soft tissue of the neck, head, jaw and shoulders. Also relaxes spasms, soothes inflammation and stimulates proper circulation offering relief of migraines and or tension and cluster headaches. 30 min ~ $45
  • Custom Therapeutic Therapy ~ Massage specifically tailored to address chronic stress zones using blended Swedish and deep tissue techniques as needed for optimal results desired. This promotes relaxation, improved circulation and overall increased wellness. 60 Minutes ~ $75 / 90 Minutes ~ $90
  • Pregnancy Massage ~ One hour massage for the mother to be in a side laying position. We focus on back, head, hands and feet for the exhausted mama to be. ~ $80
  • Monthly Membership ~ This is exclusively Monday through Friday between the hours of 10-3 and applies to Custom Therapeutic Session. Please inquire for more details… 60 Minutes ~ $50


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